The creative arc of the painter, composer and poet C. Damon Carter is nearly Bunyanesque in its variety and breadth. A composer whose music has been performed and recorded in the USA and Europe, a visionary poet, and a prolific painter, the 75-year-old West Virginian now devotes all of his creative energy to painting, having completed a numbered series of 400 canvases during the past two years. Carter's paintings develop themes from both natural and fantasy worlds, and are filtered by the painter's surreal eye, bold sensuality, and adventurous approach to color and texture. Will Eisner Award-winning artist P. Craig Russell writes: "as opposed to so many abstracts I've seen, it's not a surprising stretch to say that C. Damon Carter's seem the most liquidly musical." C. Damon Carter's paintings are represented by Bridge Records, Inc., and can be viewed at Gallery C. Damon Carter, in New Rochelle, NY.

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