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C. Damon Carter

Born in West Virginia in 1947, C. Damon Carter was given up for adoption, and re-named William Bland. He showed an early gift as a composer, and finished his musical studies with a doctorate in composition from Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore. In December of 2020, at age 73, Carter began painting full-time, completing a numbered series of 320 canvases to date. The paintings as a body exhibit an extraordinary range of subjects, and project Carter's enthusiasm for ecstatic experimentation with his materials. Carter's first paintings were populated with a fecund cross-breeding of figures, frequently grafting animal and plant forms. His wry sense of humor often finds its way onto provocative and sensual canvases that offer a wealth of detail to the viewer. 

C. Damon Carter's paintings are represented by Gallery C. Damon Carter, in New Rochelle, NY.

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